Black Gold - Black Label

Black Label cartridges provide 1000mg of portable, powerful, and pleasurable vape experience. Cutting edge cartridges are filled with exquisite oil from some of the best strains.


      • Lemon Larry OG
        The citrusy taste is quite powerful, the effects doesn’t take much time to settle in. Lemon Larry OG completely relaxes the body and makes you feel productive.

      • Pineapple Express
        A combination of tropical fruits with subtle earthy pine undertones results in a sativa that is perfect for productive and creative spaces.

      • Citrus Kush
        A light lemon and lime zest hits the nose while a bubblegum like sweetness dances on the taste buds. For a flavor sensation that’s great any time of day, Citrus Kush is a tasty choice that certainly changes things up.

      • Grandaddy Purple
        The terpene profile from this has an intense berry influence. Couple this with significant pain-relief attributes, which is why this batch is perfect for those looking for a relaxing session that will help provide relief to most physical ailments.

      • Zookies
        This blend of tropical fruit, cookies, pepper, and diesel Rather than getting some items crossed off of your to-do list, while you wait for Zookies to kick in, this blend of tropical fruit, cookies, pepper and diesel will potentially blast you into space right away.

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